Probe House Software is not a company. 
It's just a name I choose to release my software for the Atari.
Writing software on my Atari Falcon is my hobby!

News Updates
Dec 2014 PH Worl Clock - display multiple time of multiple locations.
Updated SyncTime - removed commandline mode but automatic sync without command line
Sep 2014 Released PH ERP v2.0 - does Google Cloud Print from an Atari.
Mar 2014 Added good LDG graphics codecs to download section.
Mar 2014 Added command line mode to PH SyncTime.
Feb 2014 Updated PH Easy Remote Print with direct print RAW protocol
Jan  2014 PH vCard Viewer released.
Oct  2013 Updated PH ERP Document with Mac OS9 LPD printing solution URL.
Apr  2013 Updated PH GMap with new Google's Geocoding API.
Feb 2013 PH Forum Notify provides notification on your PM and subscribed topics.
Dec 2012 The 1st clock face pack for PH Clock is available for download.
Nov 2012 MagiC is now supported by many of the new (year 2012) applications. Try them !!
Sep 2012 New applications - phnews feed - Read forum & news feed on your Atari desktop
Jul/Aug 2012 New applications - phgmap - Google map viewer with StreetView for Atari available at download section
Jun 2012 phweather and phclock available at download section
Jan 2012 Add EtherNEC networking page.
Nov 2011 Moved to Google site as I had issues logging into 110mb for over 3 months.
Jun 2011 Add X-Windows how-to for Atari MINT. Updated pitfalls for newline & tos partitions.
Apr 2011 Updated about and networking section.
Jan 2011 Added 1 MB upgrade tips for a 520 STFM.
Nov 2010 Added for Sale items to the web site to sell my Atari stuff.
Aug 2010 Added SATA hard disk experimental attachment to Falcon.
May 2010 Started on conversion from Q&D Mint to SpareMint: RPM sequence, SpareMint Network, DHPC
Mar 2010 Completed Mint OS hints - installation, networking, Unix environment, RPM, extended filesystem etc
Dec 2009 Started the Mint OS hints - Mint installation, configuration
Oct 2009 Moved site from Geocities to
Jan 2009 Added hardware related topics for TT and Falcon.
Jul 2008 Woohoooo resurrected my Falcon, with a S$1.5 batteries holder. Plan to add tips for the NVRAM/clock fix.
10 Apr 08 Added Nova Card setup tips for TT.
April 2008 Got myself a TT from eBay :-)
2005 Falcon battery dead. Tried to replace the battery but killed the Falcon :-(
6 April 2003 Updated PHEM v3.05 - includes some page settings for printout.
5 April 2003 Added Internet Connection Sharing page.
8 Mar 2003 Rework the site with a new layout.
17 Feb 2003 After several years... updated PHEM to v3.03. Added some functionality - see history list.
07 Dec 2000 Added Atari Squash Windoze Screen Saver for Windows.
04 Apr 1999 Fixed missing link to MIDI patches in PH Player page.
13 Mar 1999 Updated PHEM to v3.02e. Fix a new data book bug.
23 Feb 1999 Added Atari to W95 connectivity page.
20 Jan 1999 Uploaded PHCOUNT.
18 Jan 1999 Updated PHEM to 3.02d (I'm using this version daily).
16 Jan 1999 Updated PHEM to 3.02c.
14 Jan 1999 Added version 2 of Atari Screen Saver for downloading.
Jun 1996 Site setup

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